Arseny Tarkovsky

by Andrew from Kirovograd

Arseny Tarkovsky (
Arseny Tarkovsky (

Arseny Tarkovsky was a famous poet. He lived in in past century. I've visited Arseny Tarkovsky's museum. Director of museum told us about his life and biography.

We are in Arseny Tarkovsky's Museum
We are in Arseny Tarkovsky's Museum

He was born in Elisavetgrad, now Kirovograd. He studied in our school. When the Great Patriotic War was started, he went to war as a volunteer. He was a journalist. He was wounded. The wound was very hard, he lost his leg. But he was a courageous and strong man. He didn't lose strength of mind. He was a wonderful companion. He loved to travel, and visited many countries. He usually traveled by train. Arseny was fond of astronomy. After the war, when sometimes there was no money to buy bread, he denied himself everything, collected money and bought a telescope. He knew several foreign languages and was an excellent translator.

This is one from poems Arseny Tarkovsky translated by Peter Norman.


And this I saw in dreams, and this I see in dreams,

And this again, sometime or other, I shall see in dreams,

And all will be repeated, and all will be made flesh,

And you will dream of all that I have dreamed.

There, aside from us, aside from the world,

Wave follows wave to break against the shore,

And on the wave a star, and a man, and a bird,

And life, and dreams, and death - a wave upon a wave.

I do not need a date: I was, I am, I shall be.

Life is miracle of miracles, and on the knees of the miracle

Alone, like an orphan, I place myself,

Alone, amongst mirrors, in the wall of reflections

Of seas and cities, glowing in the fumes.

In tears the mother takes the child upon her knees.

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