Aliaune Thiam

by Tyler from Edmonton

Akon’s real name is Aliune Thiam, however most people know him by his stage name, Akon. Akon was born April 30, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

His dad's name is Mor Thiam, who is a well known Senegalese percussionist. "Akon was raised in a musical setting and was taught to play many different instruments." At the age of 15, he permanently moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. His first song was called “Operations Of Nature” which he recorded at the age of 15.

During 12 years in jail, he began to realize how good he was at music, and developed an appreciation for his very much so gifted talent. Akon is Muslim, and never drank alcohol, or smoked in his life. He also owns a diamond mine in South Africa.

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