Adam Tucker

by Andrea from Hawthorne

A hero is someone who saves a person from danger. Notice there is no specification in the definition provided; this is because the definition above is a broad generalization, however, still accurate. A hero doesn't need to wear a cape or a mask or anything, even though little kids and some crazy teens might beg to differ. Some people believe in firemen being the real heroes, some believe in teachers being the heroes, some believe it's Superman, and some believe it's the parents, and they are all right in a way. There are a few things all these different ideas of a hero do have in common though; they all involve a person, masked or otherwise

Adam Tucker. He isn't running around with a flashy cape in spandex and a mysterious mask but he is one of the bravest guys I've ever met. No, he doesn't do insane stunts off of the rooftops, but he has been one heck of a life saver. He has spent countless nights awake with only the intention of being a good friend. Cliche? Not in the slightest bit. As a matter of fact, people tend to overlook these types of heroes when they are the ones who are the most generous and kind of all. Think about it, would you stay up until 5 a.m. on a school night trying to simply be a good friend? Most people wouldn't.

Adam is the type of person who is always laughing and making you laugh. He has a contagious laugh, he has an amazing sense of humor but he also has fears. He has his own little battle to go through, and like many people out there, he struggles to go about everyday life. However, this doesn't stop him from being one of the most amazing friends I've ever encountered. He is the type of person that will sit and listen and when you're done, and broken and crying, he will carefully give you advice and put you back together piece by piece.

The real heroes are the people who pay attention to the little things. The real heroes are the people who sit and listen to what you have to say, and notice the tiniest changes in your face when you stay quiet. To have someone who knows your different laughs, your different body languages and expressions is honestly indescribable. It takes a lot nowadays to find a little humanity in a world full of people, and when you do find it, it is often in need of a helping hand as well . Even though Adam isn't perfect, he is an extraordinary person who is overlooked by too many people. He is an exemplary person who deserves to be given at least some credit, and if this is all I can get for him then so be it, but I will somehow find a way to let people know who the real heroes are.

People need to realize that the real heroes are their friends, the people who never left their side and stuck with them through thick and thin, the people who give us hope, all of us, in this messy world. I could've interviewed a stranger and gotten a great example, but I felt that Adam was the perfect fit. Adam is an amazing example to a hero simply because he is Adam; a human being with hopes and dreams and ambitions who serves to a greater purpose than he is aware of, saving lives by giving friends the hope they lack. Many others do the same, many others are ordinary people who are, in fact, not so ordinary in the eyes of those who need them.

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