Alan Turing

by Victor from Suwanee

Alan Turing



"A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human." This meant that if a computer was as smart as a human it would be deserved to be called a human being. This was one of the various quotes a man said. This man was Alan Turing, a mathematician and scientist of electronics. Alan Turing was one of the well known hero because he was the man who had the idea of creating a detailed design called ACE or in longer terms, the automatic, computing, engine.   


Most events that occurred to make him this kind of person were mostly tragic or sad,one event that happened that made him do what he has done for his entire life was the fact that his friend died an early age. Since the fact that Alan had rarely any friends at school he decided to become more open and free to more things then he eventually realized that he like Manufacturing and electronics. ( A&E Networks Television, 22 Sept. 2015. Web. 14 Oct. 2015. )


Alan Turing was a hero to many because he was a selfless and persistent man.Turing was selfless since he dedicated his time and intelligence by helping out the Government Code and Cipher School (GCCS) wartime station decode the Enigma German code. This made him a hero since he figured out the German's plan back during World War II.This gave them an advantage during the war .  He was also persistent. Since many scientists that have heard about the computer, had said that there was no way or even possible to make a computer be as smart as a human but he still made great advancements in the computer field. This made him a hero since of the fact that he is the one who made jobs easier, also the computer managed to assist more jobs since it was manufactured. This is what made Alan Turing a hero.   


             Most of the long term effects of his actions were that the computer helped us with most of the jobs we do today, have made more jobs over the years. He has also  made the computer think like a human being which has assisted us a whole lot and if he hasn't gained great advancements on making the computer we wouldn't be typing or reading this ace right now! These are the long-term effects and the impact on what Alan Turing gave us.            


This is why Alan Turing was a selfless and persistent young scientist and mathematician. The computer has come a long way but it wouldn't have gone this far without the assistance of this historical English scientist Alan Turing.    




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