Alan Turing

by Evan from Cincinnati

According to the dictionary, a computer is a machine that can receive, store, and process information. Who would make such a machine? Alan Turing created the first computer. He had to overcome some struggles in his life. He accomplished great things. Alan Turing was a great hero.

My hero is Alan Turing, one of the heroes during World War Two. He was an extraordinary code breaker. He was also an excellent mathematician and philosopher (Wikipedia). Alan Turing lived from 1912 to 1954. He was known as (and still is known as) "The Father of Modern Computing". ( (

Alan Turing had to overcome some struggles and hardships. Alan Turing had trouble figuring out the German's Enigma Code. After the war, he was still hounded for being gay. He couldn't deal with it, so he committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide.

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ExtremeTech (ExtremeTech)

Alan Turing achieved some very great accomplishments in life. Alan Turing created the world's first computer. He was integral to building of the Bombe. He was awarded an OBE for his wartime services (Histories Heroes).

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Alan Turing embodied some heroic virtues. With his help, the Allies won World War Two. He was a quiet hero because he invented things and was noticed, but did not do very brave things. Alan created the first computer. Computers helped society get where it is today. I love computers and Alan's work. All in all, without computers, where would we be today?

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