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Alan Turing

by Noah from Cincinnati

The Stuttering Foundation (Unknown credit)
The Stuttering Foundation (Unknown credit)

Imagine that you were a code breaker working all day to break a German code. Well that's what Alan Turing had to do for a long time. He is considered to be the father of computer science.He also made the Turing Machine which is considered to be the first computer.

Alan Turin was born on June 23, 1912 in Maida Vale, London, in the middle class. Alan Turing was a super bad student because he got bad grades and he was terrible as a student. None of the teachers liked Alan Turing. Even though Alan was a bad student he was super smart.

Alan had many struggles and hardships in his life. Alan had to work all day long to try and break the German code. Alan also had the hardship of being gay during a time when it was illegal. Alan was arrested in 1952 for being gay since it was still a crime at the time and he was accused of "indecency".

Alan Turing had many accomplishments in his life. One accomplishment is that Alan broke the German code. Alan Turing made the Turing Machine which is considered to be the first general purpose computer. With the Turing Machine made a formalization of algorithm and computing.

Alan Turing had many heroic virtues. Alan Turing's virtues are for breaking the German code and probably saving 1000's of lives. He could be considered to be a hero for making the Turing Machine since computers have made a big impact on our lives. Alan had quiet bravery because he had to be patient while trying to break the code. Sadly, Alan died on June 7, 1954 in Wilmslow, London because of cyanide poisoning. Even though this happened he probably saved 1000's of lives. Alan made a difference in my life by making the Turing Machine which brought us modern computers.

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