Alan Turing

by Jackson from Suwanee

When Alan Turing was in grade school, he was in the bottom of his class in English, reading, and Latin; however, he exceeded in math and science, and one day he got into Cambridge University. Alan Turing was a mathematician who lived from 1912 to 1953. He was a hero because even though he was receiving hate from the people around him, he saved many lives by decrypting a German war code, and also practically invented the computer.


Turing lived during the hard time of World War II and segregation. This influenced him to do something good for 

the country, and help people in a time of despair. Also, another inspiration for his work was a book he read called 
Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.  Without these things, he couldn't have done the heroic 
actions he did.  

Alan Turing showed both persistence and intrepidity during his career of creating computers. He lived during the difficult times of World War II, so the world needed a hero like him. On the BBC website, the text states, "After September 1939, joined by other mathematicians at Bletchley Park, Turing rapidly developed a new machine (the 'Bombe') capable of breaking Enigma messages on an industrial scale," (BBC). This quote shows his persistence and how he worked non-stop to decipher the German Enigma Code, which saved many military lives. Additionally, the text states, "Innovative, forward thinking and brave in the face of prejudice, Alan Turing was an enigma in his own time, one that we are only just beginning to figure out," (NY Times 1974). This evidence demonstrates Turing's intrepidity. He continued to work hard on his research while still being verbally assaulted by the community because of his sexuality. In light of this information, Alan Turing managed to be a hero in his time, without the world around him even noticing.

In 1945, Turing designed the 'ACE' (Automatic Computing Engine). This was the first automatic computer and over time, his invention grew into the computers we have today. We have Alan Turing to thank for all the fantastic technology we can use.


Alan Turing is a hero because he saved many soldiers' lives  during World War II. This shows his bravery because 

he worked nonstop to save people that he hadn't ever met before, and had no significant impact on his life. Also, 
he invented the ACE computer which gave us the modern computers we know today. He is truly amazing because 
he did all those great things while the community was against each and everything he did or said only because of 
his sexuality. In conclusion, Alan Turing is an example of someone who follows their dreams, no matter what 
people say, and he is a role model for all of the world.

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