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Alan Turing Alan Turing was one of the the best problem solvers for the Allies in WWII. He was an incredible mathematician, a computer designer, artificial intelligence pioneer, and he designed the Bombe- a code breaking machine. Alan Turing is a hero because of his perseverance and his intrepidity.

Turing attended the well-known independent Sherborne School at the age of 13, and he became particularly interested in math and science. He also went to King's College. Alan Turing wrote a paper on the Entscheidungsproblem (Decision Problem) in his college paper "On Computable Numbers". He was recommended by American mathematician/logician Alonzo Church for his work.

Alan Turing is a hero to many because of his perseverance and his intrepidity. Turing was because when he was building the Bombe, the Allies code breaking machine, he worked day and night because he needed to finish it, so the Allies could win the war. He did not let his spirits get down. According to, "Turing's perseverance and astute cryptography helped him to crack the German U-boat code, becoming a hero of the Second World War (harris westminster sixth This quote shows how perseverant Alan Turing was to crack the German code. Turing was also very intrepid. The Allies only had a matter of time to finish the Bombe, however, Turing created a radically different machine, which was a bold and intrepid move. For example, "Turing and another team created a radically different code breaking machine known as the Bombe"( This quote shows that Alan Turing was intrepid because it was a tense time, and making a radically different was very bold and risky. Based upon these facts, Alan Turing was perseverant and intrepid because he didn't give up on his codebreaker, and because he made a radically different type of machine.

Because Turing made the Bombe, the Allies could win WWII. If he had not, we would not have known about the Nazi Germans' plans. Because of his success with the Bombe, Turing had the opportunity to work for the National Physical Laboratories, and after that, the Computing Machine Laboratories at the University of Manchester. At Manchester, he created the Ferranti Mark I, which is known as the world's first commercially available electronic digital computer. Because of Turing's invention, we have laptops and computers.

Alan Turing is a hero because of his perseverance and intrepidity. He is also a hero because of his many world changing inventions, such as the Bombe, and the Ferranti Mark I. He has helped many people in his life with his inventions, and that is why he is a true hero.

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