Alexa Vagedes

by Allison from Tipp City

I will forever be grateful to Alexa Vagedes. She is my hero because she inspires me in so many ways.

Alexa grew up in Tipp City, Ohio, and has lived there since she was in first grade. She is a kindergarten teacher because Colossians 3:23 says," Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men" and that is the scripture from the Bible Alexa lives by. Everyday Alexa wakes up and lives a life that is going to please God. Alexa teaches because she loves children. It is such a rewarding job and she loves watching children grow in knowledge everyday.

Alexa was born in Toledo, Ohio. She went to Tipp City Schools and Cedarville University. Alexa would go out with her dad and brother Kelen and work so hard on building an awesome igloo in the winter. It would take them hours to make but they had so much fun. Then when they were finished they would crawl inside and Alexa's mom would bring them hot chocolate to drink.

Alexa has two brothers: Grant who is in eighth grade and goes to Troy Christian and Kelen which is a Senior at Huntington College. Alexa moved to Tipp City to be closer to her family because family is very important to her. Another reason Alexa moved to Tipp City is because she got a job at Nevin Coppock and Broadway. Alexa got married the summer before her senior year of college, to Ross Vagedes.

Alexa's favorite part about being a teacher is watching the "Light Bulb go on" when you know that your students understand what you have been teaching them. She loves teaching kindergarten because she gets to watch the children grow in knowledge from the beginning of the year to the end. Many kids come in to kindergarten only knowing a few letters and go into first grade reading Level C books! It is very exciting to watch each child make a full years growth. Alexa also loves to hug the kids and show them how much she cares about them as individuals, as well as their academic accomplishments.

Alexa's best accomplishment is starting FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) at Troy Christian High School. She has such a passion for reaching out to High school students and she loves the impact that she makes on their lives. It is so wonderful to see them mature and grow in their spiritual walk. She feels like this is such a wonderful way for her to serve the Lord.

Alexa looks up to her grandma, Orma Bone. She is her role model because she puts God as the number priority in her life. She loves people unconditionally and she is always there when you need her. She has such a sweet presence and is someone Alexa could be around all the time. All of these reasons are why Alexa Vagedes is my very own hero. Also because she makes me feel like a better person all the time.

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