Aseev Mikhail Vasilevich

by Kate from Tambov

Mikhail Aseev ( ())
Mikhail Aseev ( ())

Mikhail Aseev was born on November 1st in 1858. He graduated from the Moscow University and got an education of a doctor

He inherited a cloth factory and he tried to improve it until it became famous throughout Russia. He established a hospital for workers and shelter for children. He donated a lot of money for churches. He also gave books to the Church's Library Mikhail Aseev built his homestead in 1905. It is surrounded by very beautiful park and also there is a river Tsna. Near his homestead he built a house for a talented painter N.M.Shevchenko. M.V.Aseev paved streets when he worked in Tambov City Council. During the First World War he gave his profitable house in Tambov for a hospital for soldiers. His activity was awarded. He got the Order of St. Stanislaus and Order of St.Anne. Now he is a honorary citizen of the Tambov city. Mikhail Aseev died in 1941 on Aprils 22 in Baden, Austria

I think he was a hero because he could earn money and invest it to make the life of people and the whole community better.

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