Alex Velea

by Dan from Constanta, Romania

Alex, the artist (
Alex, the artist (

Alex Velea is a hip-hop, RNB and pop Romanian musician. His real name is Alexandru Ionut Velea and he is born on the 13th of May 1984, in Craiova.

His passion for music found a small but organized manner. Alex Velea has been singing since the age of when he was a student of Children's Palace in Craiova. At the age of 16 he has studied singing for four years. He finished high school and entered the Faculty of Electromechanics at Bucharest University, being an olympic at Maths.

Alex's style (
Alex's style (

In 2003 he launched a TV show called Star Factory at Prima TV, a Romanian TV channel. The original style of Alex Velea allowed him over 10 years of collaboration with Anda Adam (Selecta) , Mandinga (When I'm with you), Connect-R (Burning Love), Smiley and Don Baxter (I gave money), etc.

Yamasha, his first album, appeared in 2006. For this album he worked with other musicians like Smiley, Moga, Connect-R, Matteo and Don Baxter. The three singles taken from it, Yamasha, Love at First Sight and My Lady met a huge success and marked the beginning of Alex Velea's public appearance.

The success of Alex Velea was confirmed by numerous awards including Romanian Music Awards for best show, best male and best new artist. All these made me consider him My Hero as his determination inspired me in being more hardworking at school and more focused on my projects.

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