Albert R. Vierheilig

by Meghan from Georgia

My Hero is the best person that you would ever know in the whole world. He was an Eagle Scout at age 16. His birthplace was Midland Park, New Jersey. He’s lived with me in my house ever since birth. He’s presently 44 years old and awesome at tennis. His job is engineering but not the type that is on the back of a train but the type that invents things like chemicals, which makes him a scientist. Guess who it is, my dad!

My dad is a hero to me because he’s nice and supportive. He does so many things for me like teaching me how to ride a bike and to memorize speeches. He also teaches me how to believe in myself. He taught me how to do this by supporting me in everything I do. He is the best hero in the world.

My dad is the same as some Greek heroes in many ways but different too. Some ways that he is the same is that he’s strong and brave. Also he’s an inventor, which makes him smart. Lastly he was an Eagle Scout so he can make fire and he knows a lot about nature. Some differences are that he has honesty, which most of the heroes did not have. Also he has never committed a crime. I’m so glad I have a hero like my dad.

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