Adam Wainwright

by Tyler from Lewisport

My hero's name is Adam Wainwright. He is a pitcher for the St.Louis Cardinals. One day on February 28, 2011, he was throwing his normal bullpen session when his elbow went out and had to have Tommy John surgery on his elbow. He had to sit out all of 2011 after his 2010 NL CY Young performance. He had to battle through physical therapy for a whole year before ever going back on a mound. The year that he came back in 2012 he had a rocky season but in 2013 he was near flawless with hard work and became a NL CY Young Finalist and led the Cardinals to the World Series.

I admire Adam Wainwright because of the hard work and dedication he put in to get back to where he was. What he did makes me look up to him because i had major shoulder surgery in the summer of 2013 and what he did makes me believe I can do the same thing that he did. The 2010 NL Cy Young is a major accomplishment because this means that you are the best pitcher in the league. The dedication that he put in makes me believe that i can come back and be one of the best.

My hero has impacted my life by giving me motivation to get through my shoulder surgery. He also impacted my life by giving me the confidence that I can go back on the mound and be just as good as I was. In 2009 he also won 21 games which is one of the most winning records as a pitcher in MLB history. This is very admirable because it puts him down in the record books as one of the best of all time.

I admire my hero because not only the way that he is a winner but the way he gets through some of the harder things in life. Tommy John surgery is one of the most difficult things to get over as a baseball player, especially a pitcher. Over 80 percent of baseball players that go through Tommy John are never even able to go back on a mound but he came back from it and became a NL Cy Young finalist. As a baseball player I find this heroic and that is why I admire him.

My hero is saving my baseball career for what he did by getting over Tommy John surgery. He is one of my role models and I will always look up to him. He has inspired many people for what he did. Not only did he come back he came back and led his team to the World Series. If it wasn't for Adam Wainwright I wouldn't be recovering like I am today.

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