Young Heroes

Abby Walker

by Mackenzie from Tipp City

My hero is Abby Walker. She is my hero because she is my best friend and she stands up for me and is always by my side.

Abby plays soccer, basketball, and softball. She has one brother named Tyler. Abby also has two sisters. Their names are Shelby and Emily. Emily is Abby's twin sister. Tyler is the oldest then it's Shelby, then it's Abby then Emily.

Abby was born in Tipp City, Ohio. Her parents lived in Kentucky before she was born because of her dad's job. When Abby was little we were best friends. Abby and I played everyday. The summer of 2010 Abby moved but she still lives in Tipp City, Ohio. Since Abby moved her and I haven't been playing a lot but she said I'm still her best friend.

Abby's greatest accomplishment is dealing with Emily because they fight all the time. Another accomplishment is being on a soccer and basketball team. Abby is important to me because we have known each other since we were 3. I know that no matter what, Abby will always be by my side.

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