Abby Wambach

by Jojo from Loveland


     Imagine yourself in a king-size stadium everyone staring at you, you're nervous, stomach turning, you're the best in the world, everything up to you, you're in the center of the field and all you are hearing " Abby, Abby, Abby," are you ready? This would be the story of Abby Wambach, an amazing soccer player for team USA. Many traits that make Abby a hero include: giving, determination, and courage.

Abby Wambach gives her time because she loves to volunteer at the Juvenile Diabetes Epilepsy Foundation. She originally started helping them because her brother Peter has epilepsy and her other brother Andrew Wambach and nephew Ben Ritter have type one diabetes. Many years later,Abby began donating money to this foundation, she enjoys helping her family, by doing this. Second of all she runs camps for kids in the summer, such as the Abby Wambach camp at Victor High School. At this camp she helps kids get better at soccer and she shares her experience with others with the similar passion.



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This hero shows much determination. Abby has been

determined to play soccer since seven years old. She began playing club in high school, as many people noticed her talent! She accomplished her dream by her determination of winning the FIFA Women's World Cup. Abby suffered through multiple head injuries including a split head, in a game vs. Mexico. These injuries never stopped her, she kept fighting until the end.

Her last heroic trait consists of courage. She shows bravery as a women that plays in front of tens of thousands of people, but that doesn't stop her. No team worries Abby at first sight. She thinks positive and gets admired by many as seen in her retirement game when she had thousands of signs saying, "Abby thanks for changing the game," "Abby you are my hero," and many more. Abby gets interviewed lots for news channels, such as New York Times, and when she gets the chance she shares her passion!


Many of us know, Abby retired, but many including me, have her in our memory and consider her our hero. She has and will be remembered as a giving, determined, courageous person that had a phenomenal talent.      

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