Alain Wambeke

by Camille from Lille

My hero is my grandfather. His name is Alain Wambeke. He is 71 years old. He is an electrician. He was born in Lille. He had a child: my mother. He has blue eyes and gray hair. He is small.

He helps people. For example, he helps my parents for the work. He helps me for physics. He lends money to his friends, his family when they need it. He gave us money to my sisters and me so that we could each buy a car. He knows a lot of things whether manual or intellectual.

He is very generous and he is very cultivated. He is brave, strong, admirable and very courageous.

I selected him because he helps me a lot and he is always there for me, to help me, to support me, to help me out and he teaches me a lot of things. He always seeks to please others before him. He makes me happy. He is still struggling to succeed. I know I can count on him and call him at any time. He's the best!

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