Amy L. Wilder

by Brad from Pickerington

All About Miss Wilder
Chuck Norris approves this (
Chuck Norris approves this (

My definition of a hero, is somebody who has the courage to do what others aren't willing to do. Also somebody who is willing to sacrifice their own life for the benefit of others would be my definition of a hero. I think a police officer, or somebody who cleans up roadkill on the sides of the roads are heroes to me. A police officer is pretty cool, they risk their lives for us, and are not afraid of anything.

Do I think it's important to have a hero? No, I don't think it's important to have a hero. I believe this because, why base yourself in someone else's footsteps, when you can create your own? I want to be a leader, not a follower.

I believe that my hero is Miss Wilder. She's a pretty cool person, she teaches people cool stuff that we will (maybe) use later in life. Miss Wilder fits into my definition of a hero because: 1) nobody likes kids, but Miss Wilder TEACHES kids, 6 hrs a day, 180 days a year. That is crazy. And 2) she risks her own life teaching kids because, studies show that teaching is one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in the world. And THAT is why Miss Wilder is my hero. YEAH!!!!

I think my hero is cool enough to be in the hall of fame of heroes, right next to the "league of extraordinary gentlemen"(It's a movie, you should watch it), and Clint Eastwood. One reason for that is because, as I stated earlier, that nobody likes kids, but she is constantly surrounded by kids 6 hours a day 5 days a week, for 35 or so weeks. Without going insane also! Another reason why she should be in the Hall of fame of heroes, also, as I stated earlier, that she risks her health for us to teach us to make us into cool things like Prime Ministers or Congresspeople(I WILL BE KING OF ENGLAND SOME DAY). She's also cool enough to let me turn in my vocab a week late without getting points off (hopefully... PLEASE).

Earlier, I interviewed my hero, and asked her ten questions. The ten questions I asked Miss Wilder was, "Who was your hero and why? What makes your hero so awesome? What did he/she do to become your hero? What made you want to become a teacher? What bugs you the most? When is your birthday? What are your hobbies outside of work? When did you think of becoming a teacher? What did you want to be before you wanted to be a teacher? What are your favorite Movies, TV shows, and books?"

These are all of the answers in the same order of the questions above. Her hero was her mother because over the years, she didn't exactly believe her advice, but now as she got older, she realized her mom was right the whole time. The reason she's so special is because she's always been able to calm her daughter down when she was sad. What she did to become her hero is obviously to give birth to her. She's always wanted to be a teacher her whole life, but didn't think she would make that much money as a teacher, so she went to Ohio University to be a journalist, but the people there were very "cutthroat" and she didn't like it, then she got a general English major in college and got a few more education classes. And after the first time in a classroom, she realized that was right for her. The thing that bugs her the most is when people don't do their job. Some of her hobbies are cooking, writing, singing, and hanging out with friends. She had always thought about being a teacher for her whole life. Before being serious about wanting to be a teacher, as stated earlier, she wanted to be a journalist, but that didn't work out. And her favorite movies are: Love Actually, Good Will Hunting, Happy Feet, Pirates of the Caribbean, and High Fidelity. Her favorite TV show is Parenthood, and currently her favorite book is My Sisters Keeper.

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Well hello, everybody! My name is Brad and this is my intro about my hero, Miss Wilder. Intro's are pretty cool, in fact. They are like a minor summary about a person, without going into big detail about everything about Miss Wilder. It's like, you can know all the major awesome stuff about my hero, without reading five paragraphs or more. You know, I wouldn't be typing this if it weren't for gravity. Gravity is pretty cool, you know. If we didn't have gravity, people would be flying into space without protection, and get their heads blown up. I know it would be pretty fun to not have gravity for a little, but it keeps us safe and away from harm, except if you were falling off a cliff, then gravity will not keep you from harm, maybe if we had low gravity, like if you can jump six feet in the air instead of 1.5 feet in the air, that would be much better. I don't know, and i just now realized how off topic i got. Miss Wilder is a pretty cool person, you know. She is one of the nicest teacher's I've ever had, yo! She's all like all,"Yo, Brad! Wassup! you know, you have an F- in my class right now, but if you turn in your packet, i'll raise it to a B+." If she was a pokemon I'd be all like, "MISS WILDER, USE THUNDERBOLT!!!" and then she would lightning strike the other pokemon and I'd be happy, if that was possible. I don't know why that would happen, but that'd be pretty cool. Pokemon is pretty cool, the original ones, not the new ones with like 200,000 pokemon. it gets kind of annoying. how do you think they come up with all the names for them. They must be pretty smart, you know. Wow, i just realized how off topic I got again. But yeah, Miss Wilder is pretty cool! And I deserve an A on this project....