Al Williams

by Elise, grade 5, from Canada

"Others may live."
Al Williams getting his pilot wings (family albums  (canadian photo tecks ))
Al Williams getting his pilot wings (family albums (canadian photo tecks ))

I believe that Al Williams is a hero because he would save people if they needed help in a ship fire, lost in a forest, or stranded at sea.

Firstly he saved hundreds in a fire called the Prinsendam fire. The Prinsendam was a ship that caught fire three days out to sea in the Gulf of Alaska. He was lowered down into lifeboats to send the people up in twenty-five foot waves .People were fighting to get brought up into the rescue helicopter. He was lifting the children and elderly up first but the crew members were fighting, cursing and yelling to go up first. He had to hit them to get them back.

Secondly he travelled in the twenty five foot waves in a rescue helicopter which is now retired and in an armed forces museum . The waves swallowed up the lifeboats. Fortunately nobody's life was lost but there were injuries.

Thirdly and finally his childhood went like this: he grew up in Ontario, Canada, his father was in the armed forces which probably influenced his choice as a SAR tech, he had a son named Robin [Rob]. Rob is my uncle through marriage. He married my aunt Caroline

In conclusion I strongly believe that Al Williams is a hero because he saved thousands of people in many rescues like ship fires, stranded at sea or even missing in a forest. He was the Canadian chief SAR tech.

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