Amy Wyosnick

by Hanna from Los Altos

Have you ever learned about a subject so secret, most people don't even know!? Well I have! And that is my teacher! She is one of my many heroes, and most people wouldn't know as much as I do!

My teacher's name is Miss.Wyosnick. Her first name is Amy. Miss Wyosnick has taught for four years and is still going. Her favorite subject to teach is reading and that is my favorite subject to learn! She teaches for the fun of it, it is rewarding, and she likes the fact that, sometimes, her class teaches her! She likes to be able to teach different students each year and she likes how every day is different.

Miss.W always makes things fun and exiting! When we are testing, she lets some people sit next to whoever they want! In order to sit next to whoever you want, you need to pay some tickets. Students can get tickets by answering a question that Miss. W asks, by getting your planner signed, and by helping the teacher with organizing and other projects like that.

Miss.W helps me in many ways. For example, one time I was sick for a week, and she helped me catch up in math. She stayed after school with me to help me catch up. Another example is when I needed help with a problem, and she helped me be proficient and stay on task. The last and final example is she always teaches me new things and makes sure everyone (including me) understands them.

My teacher is my hero, and I LOVE HER! She is awesome! She is always there for me, she teaches me new things every day, and she gets me ready for the next grade to come! Plus, she is not just my teacher, she is also my friend!

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