Community Heroes

Alvin C. York

by Ethan from Hixson, Tennesse

Alvin C. York, Tennessee Hero

Alvin C. York was born December 13, 1877 in Pall Mall, Tennessee. His family lived on a farm and worked hard. He learned how to hunt, fish, and farm as a young boy. He also became a marksman.

As a young man he worked as a blacksmith. He was drafted into the Army to fight in World War I. He tried not to go, as a conscientious objector, but his request was denied. Alvin York was sent to Germany to fight in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive during October 1918. He captured many German soldiers while fighting behind enemy lines and won the Medal of Honor and some French Medals also. He returned home a war hero. He lived out his life quietly on his farm. His life was portrayed in the autobiography Sargeant York, His Own Life Story and War Diary (ed. by T. Skeyhill), appeared in 1928. Alvin also established a trade school and Bible school for his community.

Alvin demonstrated the characteristics of a hero by living an honest hard working life. He also demonstrated hero characteristics by helping fellow soldiers and taking on responsibility for others. Alvin also helped members of his community.

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