Lifesavers Heroes

Alvin C. York

by Max from San Diego

When you think of heroes what comes to mind - super heroes, fire fighters, police? Well my hero is a war hero named Alvin C York. He is considered a hero because he took-out 32 machine gunners 28 German soldiers and took 132 prisoners, also won multiple war medals in World War I. Alvin earned the Medal of Honor, World War I Victory Medal, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the Montenegrin War Medal. He was born in Pall Mall, Tennessee on December 13 1887. Even after he left the military he kept doing good for people. Alvin C. York is considered the most decorated World War I soldier because he did take out all those Germans and because he was a starter of the German forces capitulating.

Alvin C. York is one the most decorated World War solider. He got all those medals be thinking strategic and not being afraid of death because he would die for something important. "There can be no doubt in the world of the fact of the divine power being in that. No other power under heaven could bring a man out of a place like that. Men were killed on both sides of me; and I was the biggest and the most exposed of all. Over thirty machine guns were maintaining rapid fire at me, point-blank from a range of about twenty-five yards." ( He was afraid but did have fear of death, he watched his fellow friends die and wanted to do something but was hesitating. He later took out 32 machine gunners and 28 Germans, then later took 132 prisoners. The lieutenant was amazed at what York had accomplished. "With a little detachment of men from G Company, he faced an entire German Battalion in an isolated ravine, far from any American assistance. Nine American were at once shot down but Sgt. York fought on until the German officers and men surrendered as prisoners." ( The Lieutenant was very impressed with York and respected his courage. Alvin C. York was a great man doing what he did, that day on October 8, 1918. But his celebration was far from where he was but it was coming.

Once York came home he had been honored greatly and had a great life. York got awarded multiple medals, including the medal of honor "For his exploits, York was awarded The Medal of Honor, as well as the the French Croix de Guerre, the Italian Croce de Guera, and the American Distinguished Service Cross. He was also promoted to the rank of Sergeant." ( York was most likely proud of the things he had done, York is a hero of war for his service and the impact that he had done on the war. "Sgt. York returned to his Tennessee mountains and his beloved Gracie. They married on June 7, 1919, a week and a day after Alvin's return. He determined that it was his mission in life to bring education to his native valley, and set about to raise the money to build a high school (now the Alvin C. York Technical Institute) and a Bible school." ( Alvin C. York was a good man even after he had left the military, he didn't want kids to have the same difficult life that he had. With his father dying and him becoming an alcoholic. Alvin C. York did good for the sake of others and wasn't selfish he is a hero and deserved the honor that he had gotten.

Alvin C. York has gotten his honor and respect by not giving up and working hard for what he believes. Having good aim and having good strategies doesn't just come from nowhere, he earned it. He earned the Medal of Honor and the World War I Victory Medal not from luck but from trying to survive and doing what's right for others. Every person has flaws in life and Alvin's was drinking but his friend changed him and made him believe that he can do something with his life and he could become a hero and he did. I believe that when you do something over hard work and have done it well, that is when the feeling of satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment. Alvin C. York had all of those; he has inspired me to do the same, maybe not in the same way but the same mind set.

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