Alvin York

by Kamden from Loveland

Imagine your life having love and peace with God in your heart, then all of a sudden an unexpected feeling creeps down your spine. Havng horrific images in your mind about war. What will you do? Alvin Cullum York is my hero because he shows bravery, dedication, and sacrifice. To begin, Alvin York showed many variations of Bravery. When Alvin York served in the army he single handedly captured 132 German soldiers with only a pistol and a rifle. The German soldiers had 32 machine guns along with rifles and pistols and the advantage above Alvin in the biggest of the forays. Alvin York is as brave as a Swedish viking waiting to destroy whatever stands in his  way because he didn't care about getting shot. That's why in one of his battles he stood out in the open. After Alvin captured 132 German soldiers - one of them had a grenade and killed Alvin's best friend in the army.

On the other hand Alvin York also showed dedication. Before Alvin served in the army he became a smoker and an alcoholic. On January 1, 1900. Alvin accepted Jesus into his heart. When Alvin's buddies saw this they stopped liking him. He lost all of his friends because of Jesus Christ. That's how much he showed his dedication to God. Alvin showed dedication in awards but he didn't do it alone. Quoted in York's journal "I could have never got this far without the Almighty One". Some of his rewards: The Medal of Honor, The Distinguished Service Cross, The Legion of Honor, Croix de guerre, The War Merit Cross, and The Order of Prince Danilo l. Finally Alvin showed sacrifice. Alvin fought in the war until WW1 ended. He sacrificed everything up to Jesus because he knew that he saw that he had gone down the wrong path of life when he started playing a game called "last one standing". Basically you would drink yourself to death until you passed out and the last man standing wins. His biggest sacrifice showed when he always saw the good in people. Alvin never put down people, rather he built them up with Jesus. Alvin York had showed many different kinds of bravery, dedication, and sacrifice. Alvin showed all of those things at home, in the army, and through Jesus. His dedication showed that he showed inspiration. His perseverance showed that he stayed strong through tough times. His sacrifice showed that he showed worthiness. Can you give up everything you have up to Jesus, even though you don't know what will happen next?

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