Adam Young

by Nadia from Bradford, Ontario

"Cause I feel like such an insomniac."- Fireflies by Owl City

Adam Young (Owl City), is an inspiring American musician who has peace in his music and sees the world in a different way. He has obstacles he has to go through, but it doesn't affect his amazing music. His music inspires many, and he definitely knows what true music should be like. He's really funny, and has a great personality. Adam was born on July 5, 1986, and was born in Owatonna, Minnesota. His mother's name is Joan Young, and he is said to be an only child.

A huge obstacle Adam has to go through is that he suffers from Insomnia. This may affect his music, but Adam strives to get through the obstacle, but with the insomnia, his music is still wonderfully done. Adam has a few main influences, such as the group Imogen Heap, that have a interesting sound, also he is inspired by Relient K, who are another band. My hero has many achievements, such as multiple albums, concerts, and radio playings. Some of Adam's albums are Ocean Eyes, Of June, and All Things Bright and Beautiful. His main action is inspiring many :)

With a wonderful personality, Adam has many great character traits. The first one would be Empathy towards friends, family and fans. Courage, is also a main trait he gives off. His Courage is shown when he can get up on stage and overcome insomnia. He is also very kind, you can see it in many videos and such. How does my hero influence me? Well, Adam influences me by his love for music, and his Christian background, which I have as well :) He loves his fans, and enjoys throwing concerts for them.

In conclusion, Adam Young thinks of the world in a brighter way, and loves his music. He is very successful and never gives up when he has to go through obstacles. He is also very strong in his beliefs which gives hope to those around him. :)

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