Angus Young

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Angus Young onstage.
Angus Young onstage.

Some of you may like modern music from musicians like Justin Bieber or Nikki Minaj, and some of you may like dubstep music, from musicians like Skrillex or Katy B. But for me, I love rock music from bands like Guns N' Roses or The Eagles. But right now, I want to talk about Angus Young, from the band AC/DC.

Angus doing the duck walk.
Angus doing the duck walk.

The band AC/DC has been praised as a legend by many people, and one of reason for that, is because of Angus Young's amazing guitar skills. Angus Young was born in Cranhill, Glasgow, located in Scotland. Then his family emigrated from Scotland to Sydney, Australia. Angus was the youngest of eight children, one of them being AC/DC's rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young. He started practicing string instruments, first with a modified banjo with 6 strings, then changed to a second hand acoustic guitar, and finally his mom would let him buy a second hand Gibson SG guitar. He would later play the guitar so much that the wood rotted from the sweat and water that got into it. Sadly, after Brian Johnson stopped touring with AC/DC in 2016, Angus is the only original member left in the legendary band.

AC/DC performing together
AC/DC performing together

When Angus was 18, his brother invited him to join his band. Angus agreed. He played the role of lead guitar, Malcolm on rhythm guitar, Colin Burgress playing drums, Larry Van Kreidt as the bassist, and Dave Evans as the vocalist. Many fans may know Angus by his school boy costume that he wears on stage a lot, but before that, he went through many more costumes, such as: Super Ang, Zorro, Spider-Man, and even a gorilla! After going through these costumes and performing in them, he settled on his signature school boy costume. Another one of Angus' iconic feature is his "Duck Walk". The Duck Walk consists of hopping on one leg and kicking the other in the air repeatedly. Being a guitarist and a beginner bass player, when I've found this band, I was really interested in their songs and their history.  At first I thought "This is just an old, very weird band full of boring people". Then I started to listen to their songs. It turned out I really liked their songs. "Never judge a book by its cover", they say. I started to try playing their songs, but I couldn't play the songs I especially like such as Back In Black, Thunderstruck, and Highway to Hell. But still, that didn't stop me from listening to their songs and looking up to Angus for playing those songs so expertly.  In my opinion, Angus created a legend that cannot be erased, and he lit up many young minds with inspiration and motivation. I want to grow up and be as good as anyone in that band, and make my own legend that many people will know of. He is one of the best guitarists I know, and I am not afraid to call him "my hero". Rock on, Angus! 

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