Angus McKinnon Young

by David from Van Nuys

My hero is my friend

My hero is Angus Young because he is one of the best guitarists of the world. And I really admire him because he got me into playing guitar. And I really admire how he does the duck-walk (A.K.A walk about) faster than Chuck Berry and it’s cool how he spins on the ground while playing the guitar and I also admire how he does crazy guitar solos and I really like the guitar he uses to play shows and the name of that guitar is the Gibson SG. And even though he is older now he can still do all those crazy moves. And I hope they make another album.

I admire Angus Young because he is a really great guitarist. And I admire how he does the duck walk way faster than Chuck Berry. Even though Chuck Berry invented the duck walk but I think Angus should’ve invented it because he does it way better. But I think Angus wasn’t famous yet when Chuck Berry invented that move. And it’s cool how he got second place in the America's greatest rock songs in the world and the people and me like the guitar solo he does in Back in Black.

And I admire him because he is brave for going out and playing the guitar. And before he used to get stage fright and now he doesn’t get it anymore. And he still is strong enough to play like in the 1996 NO BULL concert in Madrid, Spain and they were playing one of their hit songs, Let There Be Rock, and he was playing his guitar nonstop and I bet he was tired. And now that he is old I don’t think he can play like that anymore. But he did make a great guitar solo on the new album AC/DC made Black Ice.

And I really admire him because he got me into playing guitar and before I used to think playing the guitar was hard but now that I play the guitar it’s not so hard after all and the first song I want to learn is Highway to hell by ac/dc and that’s one of their biggest hits. But after that old lead singer died, Bon Scott, they stopped playing for a while and then they got the new lead singer Brian Johnson and then they made their new album Back in black. And that’s why I admire him a lot. And that album was a success just like the album HIGHWAY TO HELL.

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