Alberto Aquilani

by Peter from Rosary

Alberto Aquilani is my hero because of all the fantastic goals and slide tackles he has done. First he was playing for Roma and has now signed with Liverpool for 20 million. He is a fantastic midfielder and a fantastic player.

Aquilani has done some amazing free kicks which will leave you saying, "that is the best free kick ever.” He made his first match for Liverpool and he has been a star player for Liverpool. He has done amazing tricks such as dribbling and a bicycle kick.

He is my hero because of all the great and amazing things he has done he is one of the star players for Liverpool with his amazing tricks as I said before. He is my favourite player for Liverpool because I like the Italian players.

The other reason why Aquilani is my hero is because he is the best player for Italy. My dream is to meet Aquilani and to go and watch him play in a Liverpool match at Anfield.

He is the player that you want to see and meet because he is a friendly and kind gentlemen but his English is not bad so that's why Alberto Aquilani is my hero of all time.

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