Adrian Beltre

by Alex from Glenbrook

“Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast.” - Joe Garagiola

My hero is Adrian Beltre. Beltre was born in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic on April 7th, 1979. When Beltre was a baby, he was held by Dodgers’ head coach Felipe Alou. What makes Adrian Beltre a hero is that he has many charities in which he raises money to help young children in the Dominican Republic. When Adrian joined the Red Sox I had never heard of him. He made a difference in my life when my grandfather wanted to take me to a Red Sox game and when I told him I would think about it he said he would have to give the tickets back. Another reason that Adrian Beltre is a hero is because he has made young children in the Dominican Republic feel good by donating lots of money to their families.

Adrian Beltre is considered a hero because he has made many families in the Dominican Republic happy. Beltre was inspired by shortstop Andujar Cedeno, a native of La Romana, who are well known to Dominican fans. Adrian was watching baseball when he was young. He watched Andujar Cedeno play the ‘hot corner’. Beltre was inspired by Cedeno, he started to play the “sandlots of Santo Domingo”. Beltre was at the Los Angles Dodgers’ gym, at the age of 15, Beltre was signed to the Los Angeles Dodgers. At the age of 17, Beltre join the Dodgers’ team. Beltre’s dreadful batting stance during the summerended out to be a bad move for the Dodgers, his average sunk down to .215, with seven homeruns, and twenty-two RBIs.

Adrian Beltre is my hero also because you don’t hear about him in the news unless it is about baseball. Unlike other baseball players, Beltre doesn’t make a ‘news wreck’ of himself. Beltre supports many charities which help millions of people all over the world including the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Chile.

Adrian Beltre has donated millions of dollars to charities which goes to families all over the world. When I went to the baseball game I had come so close to getting Beltre’s autograph. Beltre is my hero because he has inspired me to play baseball again. I was shocked to learn from doing my research for this story that Beltre was signed at the age of 15 to the Los Angels Dodgers. When Adrian Beltre was a kid, he saw shortstop Andujar Cedeno, a native of La Romana, play and he was inspired. From then on, Beltre was determined to become a baseball hero. From what I see, he is a hero.

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