Andrew Biersacks

by Diego from Fresno

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    My hero is Andrew Biersacks, better known for his stage name, Andy Six. Andrew was born Dec. 26, 1990 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Andy Six is currently single, and he is an Atheist. He attended the school of Creative & Performing Arts High in Cincinnati, Ohio. He majored in Drama and minored in Music.  He is the lead vocalist for the American post-hardcore band "Black Veil Brides" who released their debut Album "We Stitch These Wounds" on July 20, 2010.  Andrew formed this band at the age of 14 in his hometown Cincinnati, Ohio.  He stands up for emo/scene kids who get bullied because of the way they dress and the music they listen to.  Andy Six was one of those who many bullied as a teenager in high school which lead to the formation of his band.  Other students  would put notes on his locker calling him names and mean threatening notes like "Fag"and or "kill yourself".  In his band's first music video "Knives and Pens" it dipicts what his childhood was like.  They came up with the name for the song because Andy was one of the few who wrote poems{pens} instead of hurting himself or others {knives} like most other emo kids would do.  Andrew is my hero and his band because its messages to fight against bullies and haters and "to never give in".  Perfect weapon, another of the band's songs is basically saying that same thing; to never give in, to fight against your bullies.  Some of the lyrics in the song "Leave us alone!" 

"Here's to your perfect weapon,

Crack bones with blind aggression,

Like birds whose wings are broken,

You live without direction."

and that is why Andrew Biersacks is my hero.

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