Abebe Bikila

by Dawit from Ellicott City

"He wanted the world to know that his country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism"
Here he is running barefoot in 1960. ( )
Here he is running barefoot in 1960. ( )

It is impossible to talk about running and not mention Ethiopians. Abebe Bikila ran in 1960 and died when he was 40 years old. His family were farmers and they inspired him to be a hard worker. When he was a little boy he used to guide the sheep. In order to keep up with them he ran many miles every day. His neighbors, who inspired him to become a runner, saw him running while he was guiding sheep and they were impressed by his performance. His first Marathon was unexpected because he did not know until he arrived at the airport. Africans and Ethiopians admire him because he gives them hope that there is something that they are better at. He also influences Ethiopians that they could be the best runners in the world. All Ethiopians consider him a hero because he showed them that they are good runners.

Achieving goals is one of Bikila's heroic qualities. He achieved several goals. First of all, he ran barefoot and won the gold medal. It was in a 1960 race in Rome. The sponsors of the race did not recognize him so they did not have the right size shoes that fit him. He wasn’t concerned about his feet but only in achieving his goal. After he won the race he said, “He wanted the world to know that his country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism” (Wallace, Sandra.). One of his goals was to make Ethiopia known, and he did. At that same race he broke the world record by 8 minutes.

Being a positive influence on others is also one of his heroic qualities. He influenced me to work hard and he also showed me that no one can stop anyone from achieving their goal. For instance, he ran barefoot because he did not want them to stop him from achieving his goal. Because of him, Ethiopia is known for running. They have the records in Marathon, 10,000 meters, 5,000 meters, and 1,800 meters. In conclusion, Abebe Bikila is a hero because he made Ethiopia known by running and winning.

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