Adam Colton

by Jimmy from Corpus Christi

Adam Colton is my hero because I want to be like him when I'm an adult. The reason I want to be like him is he is funny and his job is to skate. When I grow up I really want to be a professional longboarder. I'm already pretty goofy. I really like to longboard and if I could get paid to long board it would be the best job ever. Another reason is that he makes videos that teach you how to do tricks on a longboard called trick tips.           

But there are a lot of other trick tip videos around.  The reason  I want to be like him is the way he  explains tricks. I don't think of him as a hero, l think of him more as a role model. Adam Colton has a website and just by reading what is on that website you can tell he is very open minded to do things other people just wouldn't do. Although he is not a real hero a person who is is someone who stands up to someone else. But a super hero is someone who stands up for somebody else.


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