Al Davis

by Jack from Newark (Al Davis) (Al Davis)

Al Davis was a very loved man. But in the middle of the 2011 NFL season, he died. This was found out the day before a big game vs the Houston Texans. I remember it very clearly. Being a Raiders fan all my life, finding out the best head coach and best owner of the Oakland/LA Raiders had died was devastating. Losing Davis was hard, he was almost like a family member.  He was always talked about before, during, and after a Raiders game. () ()

Watching the Raiders the next day was probably harder than finding out about his death. It was a good hard-fought game, it came down to the wire. The Texans had the ball on the eight yard line with ten seconds left in the game.  The Raiders were up by 5. The last play of the game was a roll out by the Texans Qb. He looked like he was going to run it in, but instead he threw the ball. It was intercepted by the Raiders.  My house went crazy, screaming and yelling that we won. Al would have been proud. () ()

It was the best game I had seen in a long time. Very inspiring, very crazy. We didn't make the playoffs though. But we did well; 8-8, eight wins, eight loses. Not bad to me, but we could have done better. When people think raiders they think, "just win baby" from Al Davis. () ()

Loving the game and seeing someone gone from it can be bad, but when it's someone that has effected the game in such a big way like Al Davis has, it's a shame. He wasn't just the Raiders coach that brought them to three super bowls and won. Or the owner that hired probably one of the best head coaches ever in John Madden. He was an NFL commissioner that helped with the NFL and ALF dispute. () ()

He was an icon in the world of the NFL. Loved by so many, but many people don't know what he has really done for the NFL. Thats why I picked Al Davis. He loved the game and did so much for it.

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