Abner Doubleday

by Will from Laguna Beach

Abner in his war uniform.
Abner in his war uniform.

To me a hero is someone who inspires you, someone who fires you up to be a better person. Abner Doubleday is my hero. Abner Doubleday inspires me because he introduced the game of baseball to America. My favorite sport is baseball and someone like Abner has ispired me to keep with the game.

Lieutenant Colonel Abner Doubleday was born on June 26, 1819. He was born in Ballston Spa, New York, and went to school in Auburn and Cooperstown. He is said to have discovered the game of Baseball in the city of Cooperstown in 1839. The game was first originated by the English game of “Rounders.” Cooperstown is home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

There were many interesting things about Abner. He graduated from West Point in 1842. Also he was a soldier in the war, started off in the Mexican War and then the Seminole Indian war in the 1950’s. Then later, (was said to have been the 1930’s), was promoted to Captain and stationed in Charleston where the crisis of Fort Sumter occurred. After the surrender of Fort Sumter, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1863. He served in many parts of the Civil War. Later, in January 26 of 1893 he died and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

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