Aretha Franklin

by Kiana from Marietta


My hero is Aretha Franklin. She is my hero because she changed lives, and I think she deserves to be called a hero.  A hero to me means someone who cares how we are treated by other people who don't care. Aretha Franklin, to many people, is a hero.

Aretha Franklin doesn't really have a lot of family, but she has her brother.  He stays with her after she gets done singing or performing just in case she gets scared to perform the next song. Her brother is something special, she loves him very much, so much that, for his birthday, she gave him a new house that was 200 acres big, and to this day, he is still getting wonderful gifts.

Aretha Franklin was an amazing person she was often called the Queen of Soul.  Many people loved her, but more people loved her when she lost 80 lbs.  Her brother was so excited he threw a party for her.  She was so proud of herself.

Aretha has had a lot of accomplishments, but I want to thank her for being my hero and for changing lives and for being there for me when I was treated wrong. Thank you Aretha for being my wonderful, amazing, outstanding, goal-achieving, brave HERO.

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