Ales Hemsky

by Bryce from Edmonton

Ales Hemsky
Ales Hemsky

My hero, Ales Hemsky, plays hockey for the Edmonton Oilers. He wears jersey number 83. Hemsky was born on August 13, 1983, making him 25 years old. He is six feet tall and weighs 192 pounds. Born in Pardubice, in the Czech Republic, Hemsky was drafted 13th in the first round in 2001. He plays first line for the Edmonton Oilers along with Shawn Horcoff and Patrick O'Sullivan. This season, (2008-09) Hemsky had 23 goals and 43 assists, for a total of 66 points in 72 games. Over his career, Hemsky has had 93 goals, 238 assists, and 331 points, in 420 games played. He shoots right and his salary is $3,600,000.

Ales Hemsky is one of the most creative players in the NHL. He leads the Edmonton Oilers in points and assists and is tied for the most goals on the team. He has outstanding moves and can pass really well. With Hemsky's great shot, I wish he would shoot the puck more in dangerous scoring areas because I think he would score. I also think he needs to work harder in the defensive zone.

After suffering a concussion, Hemsky was out of the line up for 10 games. He came back and got 12 points in three games. At one point in the season, Hemsky hadnt scored a single point in 12 games. About this rough spot, Hemsky said, "I'm just saying I don't care about points. I know I didn't play my best hockey. I can be better and I know they will need me." I think his attitude and willingness to play in tough areas, where he takes hits and has to make hits, is what has gained him the respect of his coach, teammates and many fans. Ales Hemsky works hard every game and does not give up.

Ales Hemsky is my hero because of his skill and work ethic and because he never quits.

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