Aimee J . Mckinley

by Deanna from Pickerington


My definition of a hero would be someone I could look up to.  It's someone you know you can depend on in any situation, someone who inspires you to do good, encourages you, cares for you. A hero is someone who doesn't just help when they want to, it's someone you can really trust and gives good advice on things. 

I think it is important to have a hero, someone you know is there and motivates you to do good and keep trying. Not many people have a hero so the ones that do appreciate them and need them around. It can also be a good thing to have a hero so you can be inspired and know that there's one person you call your hero.  Your role model won't be the one to judge but be the one that's always there for you through it all .

(Tupac Shakur)
(Tupac Shakur)

I think my mom would be my hero because she has 4 kids, works full time and still always has time for us. She's always trying to do better for herself to help her family more. She's always there to help when I'm in need. She inspires me to do good in life and doesn't judge me when I make a mistake and cares for me through it all. She taught me to accept the precious gift of life and she always has a positive attitude no matter what.

I think you should induct this person into a hero hall of fame for the things she does. She's really an inspiring person, she would really do anything to help as much as she could. Not a lot of people would be able to accomplish what she has. Many people look up to my mom as a role model. She's the kind of person that motivates you to do better and keep trying, someone you would want to try to be like .

My Interview

1.Who is your personal hero ?
A . T-pac 

2 . Why ?
A . He is not afraid to express himself.

3 . Why do you respect this adult?
A . He is himself , he stays true , and is well respected.

4 . Do you look up to this person ?
A . yes 

5 . Can you depend on this person ?
A . yes

6 . Is this person always there for you ? 
A . Yes if i listen to his music.

7 . How close are you to this person ?
A . Close to the music.

8 . Has this person ever put you down ?
A . No.

9 . Does you hero encourage you to never give up ?
A . Yes through music.

10 . Is it important for you to have someone to look up to ? 
A . yes

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