Adam K.

by Austin from Anchorage

Boys learning to swim, learning to live.
Boys learning to swim, learning to live.

When I was reading this assignment, the first person who popped up into my head was a great guy who graduated from this very high school, Adam K. Ever since my sophomore year of swimming/diving, he immediately shined in my eyes as someone I'd like to grow up and become. As I swam everyday, I watched his elegant strokes, pedaling in the water. I attempted to copy his form, but failed to succeed. Another aspect I thought fondly of, were the flames in his eyes when it came to racing. At every friday meet, I would watch him as he walked up onto the starting blocks. I could feel his intense heat, radiating off his body as he prepared to fly off. 

Other than his swimming prowess, Adam was loved by everyone in the school. He was always nice to everyone, stayed positive every time I saw him, courageous towards any task given to him, knew his morals with life, and helped people in need. Sure he wasn't the type of person who flew building to building saving people from danger. But he was the type of guy I looked up to. 

I'm glad he decided to stay at UAA for a couple years before moving out of state because it gave me the opportunity to get to know him personally. Although we were good friends from the get go, our friendship grew exponentially as we hung out on a day to day basis. Our workout days, gaming days, and to our just chill out and eat snack days.

Because of how highly I view this man, I plan to grow up in his foot steps. I genuinely believe that Adam is someone to look up to, and strive to become. I'm not saying we should be exactly like him, because we were all meant to be ourselves. But if everyone were as kind and strong as he is, this world would be a better place.

Overall, Adam is like my brother. I look up to him in the way little kids look up to their parents. Because of him, I strived hard enough to win state title in the 100 free style. Because of him do I stand here, feeling as great and alive as I do now.

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