Aimee Mullins

by Logan from San Diego

Aimee Mullins
Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins had many disadvantages from the start. She was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1976. To her parents' surprise, Aimee was born without shinbones which is called Fibula Hemimelia. This caused her to have her legs amputated from the knees down. Doctors told her she didn't have a chance of walking, she would have to be in a wheelchair her whole life. At this time, Aimee was sad, her life had been filled with doubt. Then years later Aimee was given an alternative which was to get prosthetic legs. Aimee was thrilled with this opportunity. She was excited to get another chance to have a life of mobility, instead of a life of handicap disadvantages.

Once Aimee got her new and improved legs she had some trouble walking with them. It was difficult for her. She then got the hang of it and she started to walk all the time. One day Aimee found out about a track and field team for disabled people and she thought it looked fun. She joined and she loved it. She was participating in many events, sprints, long jump, and others. Aimee started to realize she was a very talented athlete. She started to set records and she also started to get noticed.

Aimee was starting to take off in the world of track and field. She was making records and getting noticed by more and more people. She set records in the 50 and 100 meters races. She also set records in the long jump. On her disabled team all of the teammates had at least one of their legs except Aimee. Because of this, Aimee wasn't really getting recognized by the public because she was overcoming so much when she had so little to work with.

Once Aimee was getting noticed for her athletics she was also getting known for her beauty. The popular People's magazine put her in the category of The Top 50 Beautiful Women Of Our Time. In 1997 she was named USA Track and Field Disabled Athlete of the year. This was just one of the accomplishments Aimee had but it was by far, her he greatest.

Aimee Mullins is a great inspiration because, given so many disadvantages in her life, she overcame them with flying colors. She made many records which still stand today and she also has been a model. In the end she has made some remarkable things happen with so little to spare and so many achievements to be proud of.

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