Aimee Mullins

by Kat from Roseville

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Aimee Mullins

From 1976, the year she was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Aimee Mullins has been able to overcome what some might call the impossible. Aimee was born with a disease called fibular hemimelia, which means she was born without shin bones. As a result, when she was one year old she had both of her legs from the knee down amputated. However, with her perseverance, she was still able to learn how to walk with prosthetic legs and was able to adapt. With the courage she had, she was able to push herself to being a competitive track star, model, and an actor.

I chose Aimee Mullins as my hero because she inspires me to succeed in everything I do, no matter how hard it seems to be. When Aimee was a young girl no one really thought she would excel in athletics, but she sure proved them wrong. She did not only play numerous sports such as softball and skiing in high school, but in college she competed against the able-bodied in track. Aimee attended Georgetown University and was in the long jump event, which was not meant for the disabled. Despite this fact, she was still able to succeed in the event with a positive attitude.

Aimee Mullins has changed my life in so many ways, such as conquering the impossible and never giving up. Whenever I feel like I am failing I always think of the incredible things that she has conquered and I try to do my best even though it may not be as good as others. Although many doubted her ability, Aimee still strived to be the best she could be.

In my opinion I think that Aimee Mullins definitely fits the definition of a hero. Not only does she inspire people to give it their all, but Aimee herself never gets down about what people say. She shows younger people to always feel confident and ignore what other people think or say about them. Not only that, but she says not to judge people by their looks or disabilities because you never know what someone can achieve.

Aimee Mullins is my hero because she has achieved great and difficult tasks. She never gives up and she always tries her hardest in everything she does no matter what other people say or think. When I think of all the incredible things she has done I think of all the things I could do. As long as you try your hardest, you will always be able to succeed.

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