Alexey Nemov

by Klyuchnicov from Korolev, Russia

I want to write about the Russian sportsman, Alexey Nemov. He was born 28, May 1976 in Tolyatti, Russia. Olympic champion is lasting title. Winners of Olympiads represent their country and hometown before all of mankind. The Samara region was more than adequately represented by one of the best and gymnasts in the world, Alexey Nemov.

Physical traumas are the plague for gymnasts, but Alexey apparently possesses an unusually high threshold for pain. It has allowed him to bear painful damage of a shoulder which threatened to leave him outside the Olympic games of 1996 in Atlanta. Instead, Nemov earned a rich collection of six medals: two gold, one silver and three bronze.

In 1997, the Russian superstar had recovered from an operation on his shoulder only a short time before the beginning of the world championship. There, he won gold in free exercise.

In the all-around individual competition, Alexey finished only twenty sixth. He could not finish the performance on rings. In fact, Alexey's hand had been broken. In the 1999 World Championships, Nemov again became the best in free exercises and exercise on the pommel horse, while finishing sixth in the all-around competition. Very few people could believe that just one month before his back had been in a brace.

In gymnastics, only the greatest, most talented athlete can win First place. Historically, gymnastics has been the most prestigious of all the Samara sports. The gold medalist in the men's all-around gymnastic competition is traditionally considered one of the main heroes of the Olympiad. And Alexey Nemov will have five more gold opportunities to receive new medals in Australia. Games of the Millenium forge heroes of a century. Centuries leaving and centuries coming...

I has chosen Alexey Nemov, because he competed in the Olympic Games 4 times, he has 12 medals in sports gymnastics and, having finished his sports career, he continues to do gymnastics.

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