Alex Ovechkin

by Rory from Fieldcrest

"The best goal I ever scored. I just went down and shot." - Alex Ovechkin
Alex Ovechkin  (
Alex Ovechkin (

My hero is Alex Ovechkin. I chose my hero because I think he is one of the greatest hockey players ever. I would like to be as good as him someday. In his rookie year Alex Ovechkin scored 52 goals and had 54 assists and won the rookie of the year award.

When he was young, Alex was shopping with his Mom and Dad and found a toy hockey stick and ball and would not let it go so they had to buy it for him. He would watch hockey on TV and would not let anyone change the channel. Alex was also influenced by his brother Sergei to play hockey. His coaches thought he was really good so they all encouraged him as well. When his brother Sergei died, it made Alex want to play even more. I think his Mom and Dad also influenced him to play sports because they were both sports people. Alex does not speak English very well so today he takes ESL classes to improve his English.

Alex Ovechkin was born in Moscow, Russia on September 17, 1985. He is 26 years old. His older brother Sergei encouraged him to play hockey. And he started hockey school when he was eight years old. His father Mikhail is a former soccer player and his mom Tatyana is a former Olympic basketball player. He had two older brothers but his brother Sergei died in a car crash when Alex was 10. Mikhael is his other older brother.

Alex Ovechkin's hockey skills literally changed the City of Washington by making hockey popular there. The team is now much better and is always expected to make the playoffs. Alex Ovechkin has lots of trophies such as the Art Ross Trophy, the Maurice Richard Trophy, the Lester B. Pearson Award and the Hart Memorial Trophy. He also got the MVP of the league and was given the Key to the City by the Mayor of Washington for being the first sportsman in Washington to receive the MVP since Joe Theisman in 1983.

My hero, Alex Ovechkin is talented, aggressive, competitive, excitable, funny, emotional and very passionate when it comes to hockey. You can tell he is talented because of all the awards he has won. He shows his emotions and how passionate he is on and off the ice. Whenever he or a teammate scores he gets very excited. Alex also shows his emotions when he is being interviewed by TSN and other sportscasters. His aggressive character trait shows when he is playing hockey. He is very aggressive when he hits other players and he is also aggressive on the puck. He is not afraid to hit and always wants to score and win. How does your hero influence you? Alex influences me to play hockey aggressively and play better. He influenced me by being on television a lot. I also watched a dvd about him and was influenced by the way he is so happy and excited to be playing hockey for a living.

I consider Alex Ovechkin to be my hero because he is my favourite NHL hockey player. He influences me to play more like him by hitting, dangling and shooting and to have fun while playing hockey. I think some people would also consider him a hero because he has made hockey more popular in the USA. Alex Ovechkin is involved in the Washington community. In 2006, he created the Alex Ovechkin's Crazy 8s which provides underserved children and soldiers a chance to see the Washington Capitals play. He buys 8 season tickets and donates them to Most Valuable Kids (MVK). MVK then gives these tickets to soldiers and their families or to boys and girls in low-income households. Alex Ovechkin encourages kids to play hockey, he gives to charity and I think HE IS AWESOME.

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