Alexander Ovechkin

by Lucas from Bradford

My hero is Alexander Ovechkin, a hockey player that started playing hockey at the age of four when he purchased a toy hockey stick from the toy shop. Ovechkin is a great hockey player who works hard and never gives up.

Alexander Ovechkin was born in Mosow, Russia, Soviet Union on September 17,1985. His mother Tatyana was a basketball palyer with two gold medals. His father Mikahail Ovechkin was a professional soccer player. His brother Sergi Ovechkin was a hockey player before he died in a car accident. Alexander went to Hobbsbrough high school. He started hockey when he saw a toy hockey stick in the store. Then at age of 7 he started playing ice hockey with his coach providing him ice time.

Ovechkin's influence was his brother. His brother loved hockey he wanted to help and encourage his younger brother Alex as much as he could. Alex and Sergi were very close. A devastating accident killed his brother the day Alex had a hockey game. Ovechkin's parents felt that he should play his game anyway. Every time he scores a goal he raises his hand in salute to his brother. Another obstacle for Ovechkin was when he was younger he could not play, but then a coach saw his talent and decided to pay for him to play.

Ovechkin's actions are when he scores a goal or gets a point. He is the only player to be named to the NHL first All-star team in each of his first five seasons.  He has the record for most goals scored by a left winger in a season ( 2007-08) - 65 goals, Fastest overtime goal- 6 seconds, Most seasons with 50 ,or more goals- ( 2005-06,2007-08,2008-09,2009-10), Most points scored by a left wing rookie ( 2005-06) - 106.

My hero shows determination because he never gives up, always finds a way.  It showed when Ovechkin fell, rolled over and pushed the puck past the defenseman and in the net. Ovechkin shows respect for other players like when he congratulates other players and is always excited when his teammates score, just as much as if he scored.s

My  hero influences me because he is a hard working hockey player that never gives up and has a great personality.

He also scores any way he can. He doesn't give up.  He always works hard and he gets rewarded. It makes me want to work hard and never give up. 

In conclusion, Alexander Ovechkin is a great hockey player who works hard and never gives up and has respect for the game.















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