Alexander Ovechkin

by Jakub from Selden

Alex Ovechkin (wikipedia)
Alex Ovechkin (wikipedia)

A hero is someone that you admire due to a special important quality that they possess. There are so many different heroes in the world whether it’s a fireman or an angel they all have something in common. For my hero I chose Alex Ovechkin, an astonishing hockey player. Alex Ovechkin was born on September 17th 1985. He was born as the son of a Russian soccer player and a former Olympic gold medalist. When Alex Ovechkin first came in contact with a hockey stick he refused to let it go and that’s when his parents knew that hockey was the sport for him. Alex Ovechkin began playing hockey when he was only 8 however this came with many complications because there was no hockey rink close to his house and his parents were unable to drive, that’s when his hockey coach offered to drive him and take care of him, sadly soon after his coach died in a car accident. At that point young Alex was left all alone.

During his life Alex Ovechkin did many things that would be considered remarkable by a regular human being. Since he had many troubles following his hockey dream as a young child it was thought of as a miracle that today he is one of the best players in the NHL to ever play. As a rookie in the 2005/2006 NHL season Alex Ovechkin was considered the greatest rookie since Wayne Gretzky as a rookie he won all 4 of the NHL rewards. Another reason that I find this person’s life remarkable is because when he was accepted into the NHL he was still too young to join but since it was a leap year he was accepted as the youngest rookie ever starting his career at just 20 year of age. Those are just some of the resons that I find Alex Ovechkin’s life remarkable.

I think that in Alex Ovechkin’s life there were many things that inspired him to do what he does today. However I think that the person who influenced his life the most to become a hockey player were his parents. I think so because even though life wasn’t so easy for his parents to enroll him in hockey school they did it. No matter how much they had to do it never stopped them because they knew that he was a good hockey player. Another person who influenced him was his coach which offered to drive him to his team meetings while his parents weren’t able to do it for him. Even thought the coach didn’t stay in his life for a long time I think that he severely affected the way the Alex Ovechkin plays hockey today.

As a young child Alex Ovechkin had big problems with his ankles. When he went to his first surgery his parents thought that it was over for his hockey career. But he was not ready to let go of hockey forever yet. When he started playing after his surgery he noticed that he wasn’t as good as he used to be. A couple of months after when he went back to the doctor he was very surprised because the doctor told him that playing hockey was the best thing that he may have ever done in his life. The doctor said that since hockey players need to use their ankles so much it helped his ankle grow back in less than half of the estimated time. This is the reason that I chose this person as my role model because he never gave up even when his life was at its worst.

Alex Ovechkin was put on the spot several times and had to make a hard decision but this never put him down. I think that one of the best traits that he had was he was able to do is decision making. I think this because even when he was hurt and he knew that he wouldn’t be the best because of his injury he still went and did it because he knew that it would only help. Also when he had his mind set on something he would never let go of it because he knew that that’s what he wants and nothing can stop him. That’s what inspires me most about him.

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