Alexander Ovechkin

by Chad from Edmonton

Alexander Ovechkin plays for the Washington capitals of the NHL. He is 6' 3", 233 pounds. He has led the NHL in goals for 3 straight years by a landslide. In the 2004 NHL entry draft he was drafted 1st overall by the Washington Capitals. He was born in Moscow, Russia and is the son of Mikhail Ovechkin who was a pro soccer player and Soviet basketball legend Tatyana Ovechkina who won 2 Olympic gold medals with the Soviet Union team.

Alex has developed his own charity for sick and autistic children. It is called Crazy 8s. For every Washington capitals home game he brings 8 sick children to the game to cheer him on. And he helps out with the community many times, by going to schools giving speeches or just going out to visit.

I chose Alexander Ovechkin because he works in and outside the community helping children or adults. He is a good strong role model, always setting good examples for younger people. In other words, I relate to him quite nicely, as we both play hockey and like helping others in their time of need.

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