Alexander Ovechkin

by Andrew from Columbus, Indiana

My hero is Alexander Ovechkin. He has shown tremendous amounts of faith and courage. Now I am going to tell you about him.

He was born in Moscow, Russia on September 17th 1985. He was the son of Tatiana Ovechkin, who played for the Soviet basketball team and won two gold medals at the Olympics. Ovechkin first became interested in hockey at the age of two in a Soviet toy store. He picked up a toy stick and helmet and refused to let go. A few years later after he started playing hockey, his family began to have problems. They ended up not being able to take Alexander to the rink. But then his older brother Sergei started taking him to the rink. Then a tragedy that would haunt Alexander for the rest of his life happened. One day on his way to pick up Alexander from the rink, Sergei died in a car accident.

So for the rest of his life, Alexander says that he will dedicate everything he accomplishes to his brother Sergei. Here are some of the things he accomplished for his brother in his life. When he was only sixteen years old he made the Moscow Dynamo hockey team. After he made the team, he started to kiss his glove and point it toward the sky in dedication of Sergei. At the age of eighteen, he became the youngest player to become MVP for LW’s (left wingers) and set the all time goal scoring record. That was when the scouts of the Russian Junior hockey team noticed him. They asked him to play for them in 2003 and he accepted. During the Junior Championships he led all players with six goals. The team that won with Alexander also included two famous NHL stars; Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers and Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In 2004 he was drafted number one overall in the NHL Draft. He led all rookies in goals, points, power play goals, and shots. Then his biggest achievement ever happened. He led the Washington Capitals from last in the Eastern Conference to 2nd in the conference. All of these achievements that he accomplished were all dedicated to Sergei.

Alexander Ovechkin has greatly inspired me because he has overcome many obstacles in his life. One lesson I have learned from Alexander Ovechkin is to never give up because if you do, you could miss out on your one opportunity to shine. He has also taught me how to overcome a person’s death. What you do is always keep that person in your mind and always think about them and you will be fine.

In conclusion, Alexander Ovechkin is my hero because he is a great hockey player and he has taught me how to overcome obstacles. He has also taught me that no matter what is in your way, if you put your mind to it, you can always overcome it.

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