Antonio Palafox

by Arantxa from Tampico, Mexico

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I was assigned by my English teacher to research about this athlete and I got some biographical facts from, and

The Famous tennis player Antonio Palafox was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on April 28, 1936. He came from a family of tennis players and was an active child with the wish to play tennis like his family. He was a really good tennis player and became a Davis Cup Team Player in 1958. Mexico's team was defeated by the United States team for the first time after they'd won fourteen consecutive times. Palafox was an excellent Mexican tennis player who, with his compatriot Rafael Osuna, won the doubles at the U.S. Open in 1962 and Wimbledon in 1963.

Antonio Palafox is my hero because he is a good example to follow, and he always gave one hundred percent effort and showed a lot of courage in every single game. Athletes set a good example, because they are healthy, and they know what they really want to do, without vices.

Something that I know Antonio Palafox has is LOVE, because in my case, I love to dance like he loved tennis. Also, I have the courage to go every day, even when I´m tired or have a lot of homework to do. But something that I don´t have yet is the professional experience, the practice, the life experience, and know-how to be a great professional dancer.

Antonio Palafox is remembered for his achievements in tennis. I also want to be remembered for my dancing. Thanks to him, he brought the Mexican tennis to a high international level.

In time, some of these athletes may be forgotten, but Antonio Palafox left a mark in history and/or society because his achievements in the international sport of tennis brought Mexican tennis to the top level.

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