Abedi Pele

by Saul from Pleasant Hill

This is where PELE lived. (Google.)
This is where PELE lived. (Google.)

My hero is Abedi "Pele" Ayew. He was born in Accra, the capital of Ghana. He was a professional soccer player. He played soccer for about 20 years where he was getting lots of fame because of his talent for soccer. He won many awards, including lots of trophies. He also inspired many people from many countries to play soccer because it's a fun sport. When he retired in 2001, he was chosen to be the next Chairman of FA. Abedi did not take that opportunity to give it to a more experienced former coach of Ghana. At this present time, Pele is the Chairman of Nania F.C., a team of great players and talent. At this present time he is still the Chairman of Nania F.C.

My hero has played soccer for many years inspiring others to play soccer as well. His main goal was to help others in many places to get them involved in soccer and just to have fun doing everything involved with sports. He has helped his country and his continent by getting involved with many charities around there. He still continues to inspire others to play sports and to get active.

My hero probably lives in Ghana with his family to spend time with them because Pele spent a lot of time traveling to different parts of the country, continent, and world. He was able to do that because the team travels together and everybody needs to be there to train well before the game. Most of the time he is probably with his fans and family because of his fame. I bet he gets really tired at the end of the day because the fans are all over him.

My hero was born on November 5th, 1964 and is still alive. (5/27/11) He lives his life peacefully with his family and friends probably playing soccer most of the time, or just enjoying the peace and quiet that the beautiful landscape of Ghana shows off. His family is very proud of Pele because of his hard work and dedication to soccer. I hope he lives happy and peacefully as he is now, for the rest of his wonderful life.

My hero is important to me because he has inspired me to play not only soccer but all the sports I like to play. My family also enjoys sports very much because my mom likes to watch my brother and I play soccer and other sports as well. My hero has influenced me to do what he did, like: enjoy sports, inspire others to play sports and be healthy, to make the right choices in life, etc. I'm sure that he has inspired many others, not just me, to do what is best for everyone in life. Pele is one of the heroes I chose because there are certainly many more people who have been a role model in the lives of others.

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