Adrian Peterson

by MICHAEL from palermo


My hero is Adrian Peterson. He is a great football player, one of the best! He plays for the Minnesota Vikings, my favorite National Football League team. NFL stands for National Football League. He averages 5.2 yards per carry.

Adrian has been a football player since 2003. He played first for the Oklahoma Sooners, my favorite college football team. Then he played for the NFL. He loves running and catching, even just touching the football. He doesn’t really care if he only gets to run the football once or twice in a game.


Adrian is 28 years old. He is about 6’1”, 217 lbs. He has a daughter that was born in 2003. Adrian was born March 21st, 1985. He also starred in track and basketball because he is so fast. When Adrian was in high school he wanted the number 29 because it was Eric Dickerson’s number, but it wasn’t available, so he had to settle for number 28.

My hero inspired me to never give up. If he doesn’t do well one play, he forgets about it and goes on. He doesn’t let one bad run get to him. He might lose 3 yards on one play, but he doesn’t get mad. He makes up for it on the next play. I think if you let one little mistake get to you, then it is hard to move on.

I play football for the Oroville Rhinos. I find that not giving up pays off in the end. If I get blocked, I try to get off the block and make the tackle. Sometimes I make the tackle, and sometimes I don’t. If I think I can’t catch the runner, I still try. I might get lucky. I would rather try, and make it a close game, than get beat really bad.

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