Adrian Peterson

by Clay Holsclaw from Ohio

"There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to get it, ... The guys out there, they were going to bust their butts for that one yard, and we got it. We got more. We got the touchdown." - Adrian Peterson
Adrian number 28 runs over William Gay for a TD (google images)
Adrian number 28 runs over William Gay for a TD (google images)

Adrian Peterson is one of the best and dedicated running back in NFL history.He had over 1,500 yards rushing every year except for 2009. He came close to 2,000 in 2004 , he was 75 yards short from getting there. Adrian's nickname is "AD" for "All Day" because he is a very reliable asset to the Minnesota Vikings. They almost went to the Super Bowl last year and Adrian got them there. He is a big play maker and is an inspiration to a lot of younger kids out there like me.

Adrian Peterson (google images)
Adrian Peterson (google images)

Adrian Lewis Peterson was born in Palestine, Texas on March 21, 1985. His parents' names were Nelson and Bonita. They both were star athletes in college. His dad played basketball and his mom was in track and field. They both won multiple awards. Adrian and his brother Brian were very close and the fastest kids in the neighborhood. When Adrian was 7 Brian was riding his bike and was killed instantly by a drunk driver. Afterward, their parents were separated. To deal with his pain he played football, coached by his father Nelson. When Adrian was 13 his father was arrested for dealing drugs and his mother remarried a pastor at a church. In high school Adrian was a track star and broke all the records he tried for and could have taken it to college but he wanted to pursue his football career and be like Emmit Smith.

2002, his Junior year in high school, was when Adrian made a name for himself. He was past the line before blocks started to happen. He got Division 1 colleges looking at him in a hurry when he got over 2,000 yards and 23 touchdowns. His senior year he was unstoppable with almost 3,000 yards and 32 touchdowns. Adrian usually got 350 yards in half a game and 6 touchdowns. Players from other teams would ask for his autograph after a game. In 2004 he went to Oklahoma and lead them as a freshman. Thanks to Adrian, one of the poorest rushing teams the year before became one of the nation's best. The day before his NFL combine his half brother Chris got shot and killed but he still performed better than everyone. He was later drafted by the Vikings and he dedicates all his hard work and games to his brothers.


Adrian Peterson is my hero because he overcame everything and came out on top. He was poor, his parents were separated, all his brothers died and he fought through it. I believe he is the best running back in history and is a big inspiration to me with his outstanding awards and achievements. I watch a highlight video of his highschool, college, and professional career before games to set my standards high and try to work as hard as he does.

This is the great Adrian Peterson's story. He is still beasting it up in the NFL so cheer him on as he runs all the way and moves the Vikings to the Super Bowl this year. He has made a difference in my life and, I am sure, many other's.

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