Adrian Peterson

by Daniel from Virginia

He was the first freshman to become a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. He was the first freshman to win the Doak Walker Award and set a new record for the most yards as a true freshman in the NCAA. He became the first rookie running back to be selected for the Pro Bowl, and he was the first overall draft pick in the NFL. In college he was known as a running legend. Now, he is simply known as the best running back in the NFL. Who is this renowned athlete whom so many hold in awe and respect? This is Adrian Peterson.

Perhaps the hardest and most driven back of all time, Peterson has set new football records wherever this astounding competitor has gone. His running style is straightforward, “stop me if you can.” I especially look up to him because of his intense mentality. Winning games and earning trophies doesn’t seem enough for him. Peterson is always finding/looking for new ways to improve himself and his game. As a kid, Adrian always became frustrated that his older brother by three years was faster than him. Determined to become the better, he worked nonstop until he was able to reach his goal. Unfortunately, his brother died in a car accident a few years later, only prompting Peterson to work harder.

As a junior in the year 2007 at the University of Oklahoma, Adrian looked as if he would at last break the record for the most rushing yards in college football. During a game at Boise State, Peterson only had 104 more yards to go when, while diving into the end zone for a touchdown, he broke his collarbone. Not capable of returning for 4 weeks, he was unable to break the rushing record. However, coming back for his final game, Adrian Peterson gained 77 yards on 9 carries and two touchdowns, just short of the record by 27 yards. It has been and always will be a treat to see Peterson play on Sundays for the Minnesota Vikings (hence the nickname “Purple Jesus”). His hardworking mentality has really inspired me to become the best I can, at whatever I do.

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