Alberto Pujos

by John from Wheeling

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(Kolk, Melinda. baseball.jpg. Aug-00. Pics4Learning. 10 May 2011 )

Albert Pujols is my hero because he inspired me to play baseball. He plays for my favorite team, the Cardinals! The reason he has inspired me to play baseball is because doesn't let failure get in the way.

Albert Pujols grew up in Puerto Rico with his father Bienevenido Pujols and other family members. He always loved baseball. His family left Puerto Rico when he was 16. He went to Maple Woods Community College. He got drafted in 1999. He was my favorite baseball card. He is nice from what I hear. I want to do the best stuff in life. He practices a lot, so do I. He is a nice person so I will be a nice person later on and try really really hard at stuff. Be the best you can be! He is nice to people and cares about his fans.

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